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All of our speakers are published authors striving to make a difference in the world. They have a story to tell that will make an impact. By challenging norms and sharing their stories, our speakers deliver motivating and empowering presentations. Publish Your Purpose Speakers work to change the world for the better, in whatever way that means to them.

Our speakers vary in expertise, but all of them leave audiences enlightened and thoughtful. Whether it be through keynotes, presentations, panels, and more, the speakers you’ll find here are experts in their fields. They became authors not because of their love for writing but because they need to share their story with the world. And they continue to do so today by speaking.

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Publish Your Purpose Speakers is made up of diverse speakers who all have a story to tell. As published authors, our speakers have already established themselves as experts in their fields, and now you can hire them to engage and inspire your audience. See below for a list of categories.